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Top Gun Martial Arts

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(American Fighting System)

About our primary system: Phases of Defense

At Top Gun our curriculum is constantly being modified and improved. In most martial arts schools, and self defense systems, their training is based on a time period that is long gone. Here at Top Gun you will receive the most modern, up to date, training techniques possible. We will help you meet your needs and adapt as society changes. We, unlike most other martial art institutes, change and grow with the world. You will learn logical tactics that fit into situations that are more likely to occur today. We are a reality based system and our primary focus will always be to keep our system up to date and provide you with the most modern techniques and training available. We understand that it's not about looking good, but rather doing the things that actually work over and over so that you react instinctively to any and every threat you face. The current systems that we are licensed in and are qualified to teach make up our Phases of Defense Program. Our systems are...Combat JiuJitsu, Thai Boxing, American Kickboxing, Boxing, Wado Karate, Submission Kings (Submission Wrestling & Ground n Pound), and U.S. Tactical Control & Survival School (Independently Licensed Contractors).‚Äč

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2307 Highway 41 S

Greenbrier, TN, 37073